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Saving Newborn Lives Legacy e-Talks (Day 1) - Shared screen with speaker view
Ramatoulaye Diallo
Dear all, Ramatoulaye Diallo from Senegal. I am very excited to participate to this Program
Mridu Pandey
Dr. Tedbabe
Thank you David for your leadership that inspired us all!
Hello joining from the philippines!
Judith McCord
Excellent speaker panel. Thank you. USAID's first MNH program was actually the Maternal & Neonatal Health Program (1999 - 2004). ACCESS proceeded the MNH Program and yes, Save the Children was invited to be a LEAD partner given the expertise and high visibility Save was bringing to the newborn agenda. So pleased for the many years of success!
Great Presentations. Am Bob M. Achura, Global Health Network (U) - Executive Director. Am delighted to participate in this webinar.
Rajat Garg
Excellent presentations ,very informative .Kudos to the course team.
Joy Lawn
So special to see wonderful leaders and colleagues for change over the last 2 decades.... Lasting change for the most invisible and vulnerable. Lasting because of lifetime motto of "lead from behind". Still more to do! But also moment to look back and see the change..
Gary Darmstadt
A bit overwhelming to reflect on the incredible privilege of being part of this great movement. My thanks to you all for your wonderful partnership, commitment, hard work and good will over the years. We all have much to be proud of, but so much more to do together!
Indira Narayanan
Wonderful presentations by all. Kudos to all of you! Would like to highlight that USAID BASICS was not only a child health program but was also among the firat to address newborn health from 1999 to 2010. It is great to hear all these wonderful presentations. They have brought back many memories.
Excellent presentors! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!
Mary Beth Powers
Wonderful to look back at the amazing progress and how SNL style of leadership and Save the Children leading from behind as Joy mentioned and how important that was. So was the excellent work of Jeremy Schiffman reminding us of what it would take to build an effective movement.
Dr. Tedbabe
Agree @Susan! I always say there should be a book on SNL
Ramatoulaye Diallo
Congratulations to all the panelists, the discussions were very informative.
Am Dr Estrella Serrano from Philippines. Thank you for this great interesting session!
Louise Tina Day
Remembering with gratitude the late Dr Asiruddin, SNL Bangladesh and the rest of the wonderful team he was part of.
Neena Khadka
Thank you, I remember Asir, a dear friend and what a loss for Bangladesh
Neena Khadka
I remember Asir too Loise. I miss him today
Gary Darmstadt
Hi Anne, so nice to attend this with you. Congratulations on all that you have done for maternal and newborn health. I hope you are doing well.
Bertha Pooley
so good to hear for all of you!! It was a wonderful experience to work with David, Pat, Anne and learn so much on how to partner and work silently. Gary, Joy and Zulfi to learn from evidence and all my colleagues from abroad that were so helpful in sharing there experiences. I still remember my visit to Abby Bang ashra and how he was so humble to show all he has achieved
Pat Daly
We are so fortunate to have had so many SNL country leaders and staff. Far too many to name but so many of the newborn achievements over the past 20 years are a result of their leadership at the country level.
Anne Tinker
Thanks to the panelists, many of whom I remember with admiration and fondness. As SNL Director for the first 10 years, I think our contribution was to combine BOTH policy and scientific leadership, including emphasizing a data-based and partnership approach to gain the involvement of maternal health and child health constituencies.
David Oot
Hi Anne,
David Oot
So good to see that you are attending this session. Your leadership made such a difference in the early years - especially in gaining the attention of global and country level partners. You were the face of SNL. So many fond memories of the early days of moving this amazing initiative forward. I hope you, John, and your family saafe and happy - and staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.
Bertha Pooley
Hi Anne good to hear from you. Always remember all the good times we shared accompanied by hard work. Hope you are well
Bertha Pooley
Hi La Rue good to hear from you
Bertha Pooley
Me too!!
Joy Lawn
Dear Anne - you were such a visionary!! Helping to bridge maternal AND child, evidence AND policy, national AND global. And a lovely team leader! Learnt so much from you! Thank you!
Neena Khadka
Please share names of all of the champions that you have met, worked with in the countries. We would really like to acknowledge their contributions, something we cannot do in this hour session today. Thank you
Gary Darmstadt
Great to hear from you! Thank you for your seminal contributions to measurement of newborn health! I hope you are doing well
Neena Khadka
If you have any specific questions for the panelists, please send them along through this chat room
Mary Beth Powers
Ditto @Joy! Thanks Anne for your style and substance of leadership! It was critically important. And leading so many great women at the beginning - Nabila, Neena, Uzma, Bertha, Elizabeth, Tedbabe, Stella, Evelyn, Pat, cannot remember all the names. Great men too at the beginning including men on the panels today and Joseph DGJ, Dave Marsh, Nizam, - no way to name them all but so many people who believed in and built the movement; the national reports and the roll-outs in country were clutch as Bertha shared.
Pat Daly
Dear Anne--indeed a visionary, a mentor and a role model for all of us. You offered the vision and leadership that launched a movement! And, as we see, this continues to this day. I hope you are and your family are doing well.
Gary Darmstadt
Beautifully said, Joy. Anne, you set in motion these major accomplishments of SNL, Building bridges with maternal health was monumental - I meant to mention this in my comments. SNL and the newborn became the bridge in the continuum of care that today is RMNCAHN!
Peter Waiswa
Mry Kinney, Kate Kerber, Margaret Nakakeeto
Peter Waiswa
Dr Queen Dube
Joy Lawn
thank you Dr Khera - first and only to mention STILLBIRTHS!! still invisible … key gap!! yet just as preventable. And cannot wait another 20 years please!
Gary Darmstadt
Agree that stillbirths remain terribly neglected
Peter Waiswa
The stillbirths was one of the key things on my listbut once we were limited to one then I had to mention government as the main invester
Gary Darmstadt
Missing Massee Bateman and Al Bartlett today, who also played such critical roles
Peter Waiswa
But yes right from the beginning SBs were not in the SNL agenda...and still need to be prioritised
Bertha Pooley
Thank you all for the opportunity of sharing