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Saving Newborn Lives Legacy e-Talks (Day 4) - Shared screen with speaker view
Ramatoulaye Diallo
Hello everybody, Ramatoulaye Diallo from Senegal
Abdullah Baqui
No observed effect in the multiple application CHX arm in Bangladesh was most likely due to chance. That is point we made in the paper we published in the Lancet
Steve Wall
Please type your questions in Q/A box. If we don't have time to address in the session, we will provide answers in documents posted to the HNN web page on the Legacy Series.
Stephen Hodgins
Thank you for your insightful presentation, Abdullah.
Stephen Hodgins
I particularly appreciate your distinction between: 1) evidence of effectiveness of a technical package, and 2) feasibility of high-fidelity delivery of that package at scale.
Abdullah Baqui
@Steve H, It is difficult to be critical about one's own work.
La Rue Seims
Excellent presentations all. Liked seeing Dr. Basque and Neena from earlier days
Abdullah Baqui
@Neena, may be families do not value it but more important they can't afford it.
La Rue Seims
Apologies for typo Dr. Basque.