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jon valdez
Thank you Mohini
Mohini Venkatesh
Dr. Dumlao, thank you so much for your presentation. what have you found as the area needing most improvement for MHM through the WinS monitoring system?
Mohini Venkatesh
It is interesting how the two countries have incorporated MHM in to two different but related programming areas of WASH in Schools and Gender programming. Are there other program areas where MHM has been integrated? Please share your experiences.
Selwin’s iPhone (2)
thank you Dr. Dumlao for wonderful presentation. I am curious about the integration of department of health in monitoring. does DOH also involved and integrated with department of education? thank you
Mohini Venkatesh
Thank you Selwin. We'll take up your question after the Mexico presentation.
Selwin’s iPhone (2)
thanks Mohini. could you please kindly send the PowerPoint after this meeting? thanks
Mohini Venkatesh
Yes, the recording and the PPT will be posted on our public sites. I will announce and provide links at the end of the webinar.
Mohini Venkatesh
These activities are great and very similar to what we do in Indonesia for puberty/ MHM education. How long was each session?
Sofia Garza
Thankyou! These central activities I described can take 30-40 minutes but we encourage teachers to complement the central activity with other activities described in Choices such as integration activities and space for questions and open discussion
Mohini Venkatesh
It's great to see that you could do a quiz, KAP survey and a special survey on menstruation related stress, self efficicacy and school participation. As a minimum requirement what would you advise programs to implement to assess their implementation? Should they do all three, two or just one of the assessments OR does it depend on the context and type of the program?
Jeanne Long
We felt that the survey was really long - that's why we conducted the quiz separately - however, we wouldn't recommend collecting 1700 quizes! It's so much data and maybe not necessary. So in the future we are only giving the quizes to the sampled children.
Mary Marle
How is this different from Comprehensive Sexuality Education?
Jeanne Long
I would say that MX's work is a key pieces of CSE for that age group. But Choices sessions are more focused on gender than perhaps a traditional CSE program would
jon valdez
MHM is also integrated in other DepEd program on SHN such as Adolescent Reproductive Health, Medical and Nursing Services (health services), and Mental Health.
Jeanne Long
Bye and thank you!
Sofia Garza
Selwin’s iPhone (2)
thanks you and good night
Mohini Venkatesh
UNESCO HIV and Health Education clearing house https://hivhealthclearinghouse.unesco.org/
Solome Asseres
thank you!
jon valdez
thank you everyone
Mohini Venkatesh
Save the Children Resource Centre https://resourcecentre.savethechildren.net/keyword/school-health-and-nutrition-shn